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THE BATTSTIK™ Oxide Polish Charging Stick- Cerium Oxide  
THE BATTSTIK™ Oxide Polish Charging Stick- Cerium Oxide

Price: $20.00


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The BATTSTIK™ was developed to reduce the mess and waste we all experienced with oxide slurries.

This became even more important when the Darkside™ laps came into common acceptance, because everyone learned they require VERY LITTLE oxide polish! If too much oxide polish is used, it can pile up and cause scratching. One benefit of the BATTSTIKs is they train people not to use too much oxides. Some forum writers are joking about leaving the leftover from their pound of cerium oxide to local faceting guilds in their wills.

The BATTSTIK™ resembles a crayon, except it is water soluble. They should be stored in cool, dry places. A car trunk in Summer is not a good idea, as with any other "crayon".

Touch the BATTSTIK™ to the lap, move outward to flowmelt the water soluble base, forming a thin uniform film on the lap. Turn on a SLOW water drip or light mist, creating a slurry film right on the lap. Reduces waste and mess! Offered in Alumina A and Cerium Oxide.
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