6″ Diamond Pacific Wizard Trim Saw – Not Currently Available


The Wizard 6″ trim saw uses water and is designed for trimming only, not slabbing. Order blade of your choice. See Diamond Saw Blades

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Not Currently Available

The Wizard-4G trim saw makes a full 6″ cut. It comes with a sample bottle of Water Aid, angle block and safety goggles. The angle block allows you to finish trim the edges of your cab at a 10 degree angle, giving you a head start towards grinding the bezel of your cab.

Use with water only as a coolant. Wear safety googles when cutting. Blade not included. Saw can be used with a blade that has either a 1/2″ or 5/8″ arbor hole.

The Wizard is a trim saw only and not designed to slab rock.


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