These may be available again soon.

BA5T™ is a completely different alloy family than the BATT™ alloys (The old alloy, and the 2007 alloy), and has a different “Feel” when polishing.

The alloys are completely different in structure. Some have described BA5T’s feel in varying ways, such as “Creamy”, “Smoother”, etc.. These descriptions result from the lower Coefficient of Friction and different Fractal Dimension (Surface complexity of its microstructure) compared to other tin alloys, including BATT™.

These laps are intended for the experienced BATT™ user who requires a harder-finer-grained lap for high speed production polishing processes.

For someone slaving under a stopwatch for a living, they are cheap, but the regular production “BATT™” will always remain the best Price/Performance value for the hobbyist.

BA5T™ contains silver and other cost drivers that make it impossible for it to be a cheap product.

Commercial and Professional cutters know that “cutting tools” are fully tax-deductible and depreciated in one year. Cutting hundreds of stones a year, a BA5T will polish better and faster, and pay for itself quickly.