GENIE COMES COMPLETE: It’s powered by a 1⁄2 HP heavy duty, industrially rated custom  motor. Standard motor is 115 volt/60 HZ. Overseas model uses similar motor in 230 volt/50 HZ. Comes mounted on a 13- 1⁄2″ x 27″ laminated base board. Genie includes two 6″ x 11⁄2″ Galaxy diamond grinding wheels (80 and 220 grit), four 6″ x 11⁄2″ Nova sanding and polishing wheels (280, 600, 1200 and 3,000 grits), one 18″ lamp, with two mounting buttons (to allow you to move it from left to right or add a second lamp or magnifier,Spra-Mist coolant system, cab rest, one 5 1⁄2″ 14,000 grit Diamond Nova Disc, sample bottle Water Aid, four splash guards, and a manual. Also includes Safety Goggles WHICH MUST BE WORN WHEN OPERATING THIS MACHINE.

Export Model, 230V, 50Hz motor available. Email for pricing of the export model.